Roof integration


It is possible to produce the glass module according to your design objectives and static requirements, hence in different sizes, forms and colors. With using PVB foils we are able to manufacture roof integrated glass-glass panels as laminated safety glass panels.

Our modules can be used in facades, roofs, carports, winter gardens, balustrades, shading devices or any other glass application were the combination with photovoltaic can be considered.


  • Double glass module with glass thicknesses of 2 × 3 mm or 2 × 6 mm
  • Technical approval of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt)
  • High durability thanks to special glass composition

Technical data:

 Glas-Glas Überkopf
Moduleistung Mono/Poly 255Wp Poly, 270 Wp Mono  
Vorderseite 3 mm / 6 mm gehärtetes Solarglas je nach statischen Vorgaben  
Rückseite 3 mm / 6 mm gehärtes Glas  
Größe / Gewicht 1709 ×1004 ×46 mm / 30 kg  
Rahmen 46 mm / 50 mm Rahmen  
Montage ClickPlain Firma Clickcon  


Roof-integrated solutions can be used for industrial roofs, carports and family houses. The photovoltaic module replaces the roofing. The advantages of the system: prefabrication, few components, easy and cheap installation and very good statical characteristics. The modules are ventilated extensively.

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