Greenhouse Module


The PVP greenhouse module is a special development for the use in greenhouses. In this way the anyway existing glass areas in greenhouses can be used additionally to produce green electricity.

The glass-glass built up and hence the transparency of these modules creates the necessary climate condition for greenhouses. The use of special thin glass of just 2mm gives the module an extremely light weight. For that reason the PVP greenhouse module can be integrated into existing greenhouses and mounting systems.


  • The module is adapted to the greenhouse - not vice versa
  • 1:1 replacement of existing glasses with customized glass photovoltaic modules
  • Ideal for greenhouse climate - condensed water can drain without dripping on the plants
  • Different graduations of transparency, depending on the required light
  • Experience with different types of plants thanks to many realized projects
  • Thickness of 4mm for direct exchange of greenhouse glasses
  • No costs for substructure
  • Starting at 100 kWp

Technical data:

Moduleistung Mono/Poly 300 Wp Poly, 325 Wp Mono, 375 Wp bifacial  
Vorderseite 2,1 mm Solarglas  
Rückseite 2,1 mm Solarglas  
Größe / Gewicht Individuell bis max. 2100 × 1120 mm / ca. 12 kg / m²  
Rahmen Rahmenlos  
Montage Bestehende Gewächshaus Konstruktion  


Maximum output by preventing pollution and shadows. Flat cover profiles guarantee excellent water tightness, condensation is removed. Connections between profiles, water drain channel and substructure are extra strong. Different covering material and many different ventilation systems can be used.

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