Glass Module

PVP Photovoltaik’s high quality glass modules stand out through high performance and top design. Our components and products comply with the highest quality standards.

Glass Module:


PVP glass modules are suitable for even toughest conditions. Glass modules are the premium alternative to standard glass-foil modules and are suitable for roof and ground mounting.


  • Better cell protection, neutral zone
  • No frame to avoid edge pollution
  • Excellent fire resistance because of no back sheet
  • High durability thanks to special glass composition
  • High resistance against environmental influences
  • Snow slides down easy

Technical data:

 Ohne RahmenMit Rahmen
Moduleistung Mono/Poly 255 Wp Poly, 270Wp Mono, 280Wp bifacial 255Wp Poly, 270 Wp Mono, 360 Wp bifacial
Vorderseite 3 mm gehärtetes Solarglas
mit Antireflex Beschichtung
2 mm gehärtetes Solarglas
mit Antireflex Beschichtung
Rückseite 3 mm gehärtes Glas 2 mm gehärtes Glas
Größe / Gewicht 1700 × 995 × 7 mm / 27,5 kg 1700 × 1000 × 40 mm / 21 kg
Rahmen Rahmenlos eloxierter 40 mm Rahmen
Montage Laminatklemmen Modulklemmen


Frameless glass modules are installed with laminate clamps. We recommend high-quality clamps e.g. the Schletter „LaminatProfi“ series. The clamps have a length of 80 mm. The modules have EPDM rubber all-round. When installed vertically the modules are secured with so-called safety hooks to prevent slipping. Alternatively, the modules can also be secured by mounting on vertical rails.

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Option: 360° glass module with bifacial cell technology

PVP‘s 360° glass module catches the sun light on the front and on the back side of the module. The higher light efficiency increases the yield significantly. Thanks to the active module back side the 360° glass module can reach up to 360 Wp overall performance (e.g. 280 Wp only front / 330-360 Wp thanks to 360° light irradiation).

+10-20% additional yield with low reflecting surfaces

(e.g. tiled roof, glass)

+20-30% additional yield with better reflecting surfaces

(e.g. flat roof with grey foil, sand)

+30-35% additional yield with high reflecting surfaces

(e.g. snow)